We work for you. Period.

  • Because we don’t work for a single provider, we’re not limited to writing products from only one company.
  • Our resources are broad. We offer a vast amount of products and services from many companies. And, naturally, a larger selection allows a better fit.
  • However, we are NOT bound to the companies we offer and are, therefore, not required to sell a product if a better option lies with another. We offer coverage to you based on your needs and your specific situation.
  • To be qualified to offer such a wide range of products and services, we have to know a lot about everything out there. And we have to know a lot about insurance. That fine print? Yes. We understand it. And we’ll make sure you do too.
  • This also makes us very flexible and nimble on your behalf. If you desire to change providers, for any reason, your Lazar agent can do that for you – sourcing the best opportunity and doing all the homework – saving you time, money, and the trust required to form a new relationship. New provider. Same agent. Simple as that.
  • And the best part? We’re a local small business too. Not only are we just a short drive away – WE GET IT.

Lazar Insurance Agency