General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance helps cover your business from medical and attorney expenses originating from injuries and property damage for which your company may be legally responsible. Most businesses should have general liability protection.

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance can help protect your business from negligence, misrepresentation, and error or omissions of the services rendered. It can cover court fees, attorney fees, settlements against your business. Since each business is different in its products and services, professional liability policies are customized for your specific needs.

Workman’s Comp Insurance

If you have employees, you must have workman’s compensation insurance to ensure that your most important assets are well protected while on the job. Workman’s compensation insurance helps to cover medical care and wages lost should one of your employees be hurt at work. After all, they help you to accomplish your business goals, make sure you are taking care of them!

Commercial Auto Insurance

Getting your product or people from place to place is a critical piece of the business puzzle. Unfortunately, accidents happen. Those accidents can cost your business, if you are not properly insured. Commercial auto insurance can cover vehicles owned or leased by the business giving you peace of mind. Commercial auto insurance can protect your business against liability caused by one of your vehicles, uninsured/underinsured motorists, medical costs, and damage to your vehicles caused in an accident or by theft, vandalism, or an act of nature.