Life Insurance

Death is a hard topic to discuss, but it is a reality we all must address. If something were to happen to you or your spouse, would your monthly expenses be covered with the loss of income? How about your funeral?

In their 2018 Insurance Barometer Study report, LIMRA found that about 10% of individuals with life insurance say that they do not have enough.

Most people assume that life insurance is costly. In most cases, however, they are simply overestimating that cost. The real question become: Can you afford not to have life insurance?

Home Insurance

A house is typically the largest expense a person ever makes. It only makes sense to protect it with insurance. Most homeowners do

What does your homeowner’s insurance cover though? At Lazar we will take the time to explain what your policy does and does not cover. We will explain your options and help ensure you are appropriately covered, whether it is a fire, tornado, flood, or theft.

Automobile Insurance

You are required to have it, but it doesn’t need to be painful to acquire it. Your vehicle is also typically the second most expensive purchase you make. Of course, you want to protect that jewel you just washed and waxed. Unfortunately, accidents happen. Whether you are dropping the kids off at school, taking the family to church, making a quick run to the grocery store, or heading out on a road trip to the Grand Canyon, Lazar is here to help make sure you have coverage that will help you if that unfortunate event happens.

Motorcycle Insurance

Ahhhh…the open road on your motorcycle. There is nothing like that feeling. It is the stuff that dreams are made of.

Of course, with the freedom that a motorcycle portrays, comes the responsibility of owning such a machine. Our policies will ensure that, regardless of accident or mechanical issues, your heart won’t turn from that love of the wind in your face and the open road before you.

Recreational Vehicle Insurance

We all have different views of what constitutes “fun.” Many like to hit the road with their RV or fifth-wheel. Others like to restore classic cars or build hotrods. Yet others can’t get enough of the thrill that comes with ATVs or dune buggies. What ever elicits that sense of fun and adventure in you, Lazar is there for you to protect agains the trouble that may arise.

Boat Insurance

Summertime makes us want to be outside. When it is hot, the water calls to us. If you own a boat, you know the fun that comes along with it. Sunbathing. Fishing. Waterskiing. Sailing. Time with family and friends. Could life be any more perfect that those days on the water?

That is why you need insurance for your watercraft. Boating, while fun, is a responsibility that must be a priority. Lazar is here to help you to reduce the risk associated with watercraft ownership.